election reform

The bill allows voter identification cards to be used as valid ID, among many other changes.
The Liberal minister says a referendum isn't the best way to engage in a discussion.
About 56 per cent also said they support a new electoral system.
The Ontario Provincial government is working on their promise to allow municipalities to use Ranked Ballots in the 2018 elections 'as an option' which would be a timid step in the right direction. However, Toronto Mayoral lead Candidate John Tory is opposed to the idea and yet, that doesn't seem to have an impact on his polling numbers.
Changes made to the Conservatives' election bill help alleviate fears that some Canadians could lose the right to cast a
OTTAWA - A constitutional challenge to voter-identification rules brought in by the Harper government in 2007 may be on its
Neufeld, B.C.'s former chief electoral officer and now an independent electoral management consultant, wrote the compliance
In a speech to his namesake convention on Saturday, Manning said the Conservatives should be strengthening, not weakening
WASHINGTON - A participant in the bruising American battle over voting rights warns that Canada is treading on dangerous
Changes the Conservatives are proposing for the Canada Elections Act aren't the best way to get more people casting ballots