Elections Act

He used public money to boost Liberal candidates’ election campaigns, the watchdog ruled.
The head of Canada Elections says it's time Parliament looked at the issue.
This past weekend the Globe and Mail reported that lobbyists in the province have been making political donations on behalf of their clients, effectively camouflaging the identity of the real donors and breaking B.C.'s Elections Act in the process.
"Action is required now."
Parliament has to update Canada's election law to respond to new concerns linked to social media like Facebook and Twitter
Michael Sona is asking for a sentence less than the nine months in jail he received, but the Crown is simultaneously arguing for a longer one.
The Ontario Court of Appeal granted Del Mastro leave to appeal on Monday.
I live in a country now that has protected my right to vote. U.S. citizens around the world, regardless of how long they've been away, enjoy this inalienable right. The United States has pride and sense of obligation towards its citizens. I just wish Canada had the same feeling towards us as well. I
Canadians go to the polls on Monday, Oct. 19, to choose the country’s next federal government. Polls will be open for 12
The 2015 federal election is awash with so-called information: left, right and centre. Partisans can find a poll to match almost any desired electoral outcome. This election is being defined by national trendlines. It's not healthy for democracy. The number of minutes wasted and columns spilled in earnest of polling results that are literally worth as much as the media paid for them: nothing.