Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

The PC government is infringing on charter rights, the ETFO will argue.
The union referenced his role as the "architect of genocide against Indigenous Peoples."
Deb Matthews wouldn't say if the government as a whole or the bargaining team knew about it before they agreed to the payout.
But a deal still hasn't been reached with education workers represented in some communities by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation.
A tentative contract agreement was made with the Canadian Union of Public Employees.
The latest move means all sorts of school programs — from bands to sports teams — will stop.
The start of the school year won't be entirely problem-free.
After months of unsuccessful negotiations with the province, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) announced
Elementary school teachers are taking strike action starting Monday, likely in the form of a work-to-rule campaign — a move
TORONTO - Premier Kathleen Wynne made no promises when asked Wednesday whether the Liberals would restore benefits Ontario's