Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson wants to coordinate climate strategy with the Biden administration.
In 2016, Canada set a goal to slash emissions by 40 to 45 per cent by 2025.
“Personal choice alone can’t do it,” one of the study's co-author says.
The charges include secretly importing cars that violated emissions standards.
The federal government alleges Volkswagen executives knew they were breaking environmental law.
In an open letter, oilsands CEOs agree greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced while defending the environmental record of the oilsands.
Canada is warming at the twice the rate of the rest of the world, a new report has revealed. Experts believe that if emissions are not reduced on a global scale, fresh drinking water will become scarcer, parts of the Arctic will remain ice-free for prolonged periods and extreme temperatures will become dramatically more common.
Adopting a national zero-emission standard and investing in clean car manufacturing could save Canada's car industry and help counter the climate crisis.
Carbon, number six on the periodic table of the elements, is at the very heart of climate change. Here's all you need to
Maybe the lifestyle we've come to know as "normal" really isn't normal -- or sustainable -- after all. It may feel normal because it's all we've known, but, examined rationally in a larger context, it seems more like the fast lane to resource depletion and environmental ruin.