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Someone hire these tiny journalists!
Reading and watching the stories arising around International Women's Week, I was struck by the divisiveness around the meaning of feminism. Emma Watson, who is a passionate advocate for feminism, was criticized for her Vanity Fair poses. Articles regularly question whether Justin Trudeau is a feminist or a hypocrite depending on his actions on a particular day. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is currently being criticized for suggesting that women thank the men in their lives and hold their hands on International Women's Day. Be bold - stand up and end this harmful debate around feminism.
The "Beauty and the Beast" actress responds to THAT braless photo controversy.
She is being called a "bad feminist."
"For some reason there’s some kind of barrier there where [men] are like, 'I don’t want to relate to a girl.'"
The two met on Parliament Hill to discuss women’s issues.
The time for change is now.
Besides planning to spend time reading, she's also completing a yoga course.
When we assume that a woman's psyche or image will be profoundly damaged if pictures of her naked body are leaked (and we do, when such "leaks" are likened to rape, as they have been customarily in the media of late) we ascribe to that woman a shame that may or may not be hers.
If you search "Emma Watson UN" on Google, the first results that show up have to do with one story and one story only -- the community-based site 4chan's supposed threats of leaking naked pictures of the actress. Commenters on the thread have specifically called out Watson's speech as a reason. The message here seems pretty clear: you shoot your mouth off about being equal, and we'll show you how easily we can lay open your most intimate secrets, objectifying your naked body at our will. But here's the problem with that logic. Being naked in a photo doesn't make any woman -- or man, for that matter -- less of a feminist.