Enbridge Northern Gateway

The government promised a decision will come "soon."
Give it time, they said. It's changed, they said.
First Nations, environmental groups and a union are asking the court to quash the decision.
The bands' asserted authority to govern their lands should have at least been considered by the Crown during Northern Gateway consultations, said their lawyer.
Eighteen lawsuits, including ones brought by our clients, have been filed and consolidated in to one mega-hearing that begins in Vancouver on Thursday. In the courtroom, Enbridge and the federal government will be up against steadfast, unwavering opposition from a diverse set of interest that includes First Nations communities, environmental groups and organized labour
Eight aboriginal bands, as well as four environmental groups and one labour union, filed the challenges to overturn the federal government's approval.
A report released today by the University of Victoria's Environmental Law Centre calls for sweeping reform of Canadian charitable law in line with other jurisdictions such as the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and England. Current rules around "political activity" are confusing and create an "intolerable state of uncertainty," the report says.
A new music video featuring the music of Kinnie Starr has stop-motion wood carved characters confronting Prime Minister Stephen
So let's do the math here: three pipelines stretching 4,197 kilometres, generating tens of billions of dollars in profit, the vast bulk of which will leave Canada, for 228 permanent jobs at Enbridge, 50 at Kinder Morgan and 35 at Keystone XL. That's 14 jobs per kilometre. A word to the wise -- don't leave your day job.
Premier Jim Prentice told a business audience in Vancouver that energy development such as Alberta pipelines, B.C. liquefied