The company asked for a refund in February.
The pipeline ruptured, sparking a massive blaze.
The CPPIB is forming a joint venture with Enbridge for solar and wind energy projects.
Layoffs will take place across the entire company.
After more than a decade, Northern Gateway is finally dead. But our work is not over because countless First Nations, local governments and individuals impacted by Trans Mountain supported us in our fight against Northern Gateway, and we must continue to show our gratitude and support for them.
Lax government policy may be to blame.
Two months short of two years after her initial cancer diagnosis I watched my wife Linnea, my love, take her last breath. I held her in my arms and I wept, and I told her that it was OK to let go. To please let go. The room filled with unimaginable wails and I was only scarcely aware that they were coming from me.
She prepared a powerful speech, but didn't get the chance to present it.
Calgarians and Albertans alike have been waiting for this announcement for a long time. After a decade of inaction, we are finally seeing progress on this file thanks to the leadership of our prime minister and my cabinet colleagues. We are moving forward on Canada's energy future.
"Those are our relatives in Standing Rock.''