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New research shows that dedication to self-improvement can positively affect your well-being.
In a fitness culture that still toes the "bigger, faster, farther and heavier is better" line, many of us end up pushing ourselves far beyond what is necessary to achieve functional strength, often risking injury to do so. How can we evolve our mindset to optimize our exercise routine?
Excessive cardio could be inflicting unseen and unfelt damage. All body systems are important, but a weak cardiovascular system will not transport blood, oxygen, and nutrients, affecting every other system in a profound way. In short, yes, you need to exercise to improve your cardio health.
Mother Nature has been the most powerful healing source in my life, and in this article I am inspired to share my profound
After one week of running, Brandon knew his greatness would not be defined by this run, but by his actions now -- by what he would prove to himself he was and we all are capable of.