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ethical oil

The activists who rally constantly against the oil sands may think they've helped make the world a better place, now that U.S. President Barack Obama has turtled, in the face of their pressure, on the Keystone XL pipeline. They haven't. They've made it worse.
There's no question Obama is calling for an end to America's "addiction" to oil, as every president since Nixon has done. But he's doing it for very specific reasons: because of America's dependence on "foreign oil and gas" that "pay for weapons" that kill Americans and Israelis.
If Williams truly wants to support human rights for women, for children, for everyone, wherever they live, ostracizing Canada while making the world safe for abusive regimes is just about the worst possible way to go about it.
The fact that investors from unethical countries have stampeded to Canada's oil patch anyway is proof that the ethical way we do business is the right way. They recognize that Canada's oil can be produced profitably when businesses -- and governments -- adhere to the strictest ethical codes.
Let's face it, Canada is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to be a woman. To dispute this is not only ludicrous but it is also a slap in the face to the many women who suffer very real and bloody gender based oppression and abuse in places like Saudi Arabia and Iran.
If there's any oil that Europeans should be worried about, it's all the bloody conflict oil entering its borders and that it will continue to depend on as long as they insist on closing their doors to ethical, Canadian oil.
With a face shining with excitement my eight-year-old son Quinn turned to me with what he though was very exciting news, "Mommy, isn't it great that they have figured out how to do the oil sands better? Now we can get oil that we really need while leaving the forests and even the butterflies are okay." "What?!" has a reputation for using just about anything to promote Canada's tar sands. This Monday it was my turn to get 'tarred' as the website's spokesperson Kathryn Marshall declared herself to be on "the very same page" as me. The assertion could not be further from the truth.
What makes Canadian oil so ethical isn't because all the oil producers here are naturally inclined to uphold the highest standards of worker rights and environmental stewardship. It's because Canada expects that of them and, in many cases, demands it of them through publicly backed regulation.
The Keystone pipeline will not serve American interests, but delight the Canadian government and its oil lobby. In addition to draining your pocketbooks and further compromising your environmental health, it will enrich Canadian politicians who don't believe in climate change.