exercise and fitness

A moment of weakness in agreeing to foster the little monster has shaped how I now talk about health. Gracie is a half border collie and half husky; that's the educated guess, but no one actually know for certain. Gracie was thrown out of a car window with her litter mates; that's about all we know about her start to life.
Being physically active needs to stop being treated as a means to an end. Our bodies were made to move and that's just what they should do - not to fit into a pair of jeans, or to look good for beach season, and certainly not for more Instagram likes - but because much like eating, breathing and sleeping, it's a vital part of life.
Exercise stops aging from a cellular level.
Find ways to just be in a state where you don't think about anything other than how great it is to be alive. Take deep breaths with no where else you need to be, but right there in the moment. Don't check Facebook to see how great your friends life is, they're lying. Don't tweet about how perfect your moment is, it's yours and you don't need to share it.