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exercise motivation

I am going to admit something. I didn't know "fitness hacks" were a thing until Lisa Davis asked me to chat about them on
FACT: 90 Per Cent of the Journey Is Taking the First Step Once you're determined enough to take that initial step towards
Just as our homes need some freshening, so do our sex lives. This time of year serves as a reminder to pause, and take a look at how you can positively contribute to not only the life around you, but to nurture the energy of the life within you.
As spring officially strikes across North America and the International Day of Happiness arrives, it's time to remember all
Have you ever planned to workout before work, only to snooze your alarm? Or, bailed on an evening training session last minute? I know that I have. But about six months ago I decided this cycle of "skipping and then feeling annoyed" was ridiculous.
Even with minimal equipment, a home gym is a great way to set yourself up for success. It ensures you can always do something because it decreases the structural obstacles that keep you from working out. And don't worry. You can put together a really decent gym without spending a ton of money!