We spoke to people from Canada in some of the areas hardest hit by COVID-19.
I am a part of this country. So is my father. So is my mother. Do not erase our experiences. Do not claim that you can separate one aspect of this man from all the others. My family did not escape from under the foot of a dictator to live in a country where its leader praises and celebrates that same dictator.
"It’s an incredibly powerful voting block."
This problem is also a Canadian concern. A May 2015 survey of high-impact Canadian firms revealed that "finding employees to expand and scale their business ranks as one of the top challenges identified by entrepreneurs." Lower and less progressive taxation would help attract and retain highly specialized labour.
But Elections Canada says it's not to blame.
The West Coast is a part of who their father is. And that's an important thing for them to know.
Just because we're in New York, doesn't mean we don't miss the hell out of Vancouver sometimes.