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extreme weather

Extreme weather can cause infrastructure and power systems to fail.
Canada's House of Commons formally declared climate change an emergency on Monday.
A Tory MP was called out by a scientist for sharing “dangerously misleading” information about climate change.
The ice shove shut down a parkway and started to "bulldoze trees and street lamps."
Our governments don't put enough money into building assisted housing for people with disabilities, so families turn to charities for help.
Hey, it was on his to-do list.
I'm probably getting ahead of myself. The leaves haven't even started to change colour yet, at least not downtown where I live. And there's really no chill in the air either, just the humidity's gone, which I love. So from my perspective, the weather couldn't be better. But it is almost the end of September and I've always dreaded Fall.
Climate change is a complex problem, one that touches on so many parts of our lives. It links greenhouse gases with extreme heat, worsens medical conditions like asthma and COPD, and demands we change our approach to transportation and power generation.
Fires are a natural part of many boreal forest ecosystems, but the massive blaze raging in Alberta is a catastrophe that threatens human health, the economy and the environment. This current episode in the Fort McMurray area is remarkable in its size, extent and human impact. Data from the Global Forest Watch platform provide context on what's going on with Alberta's forest fires
It's astounding and tragic that, with all the evidence -- from volumes of scientific research to the very real effects we are experiencing everywhere -- some people stubbornly refuse to believe there's a problem worth addressing. Sadder still: Many of them are political leaders. Fortunately, most thinking people don't buy the lies. People from all sectors and walks of life -- religious, academic, business, political, activist, social justice and citizenry -- are calling for an urgent response to the greatest threat humanity faces.