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ezra levant

Ezra Levant’s got moves. The host of Sun TV’s ‘The Source’, fed up with the “talentless, wiggly non-dance” passed off as
Protesters confronted Ezra Levant of Sun News over alleged "racist" comments outside the organization's Toronto offices on
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpgAs we may recall, a couple days ago good ol' Ezra Levant was having quite a snit over the fact that outgoing Globe and Mail web editor Stephen Wicary was emigrating to Cuba, in theory because that's where his wife works, but probably because he's a goddamn commie.
...not. Got your attention though didn't I? The old saying "No news is good news" was never said by a journalist. No news = no customers. We feel like bored salespeople, constantly re-arranging the goods in the front window. This isn't to say we wish ill or disaster upon the world (not openly anyway). But is it wrong to wish for more than, say, the Tony Clement/Ezra Levant/Norman Bethune controversy?
Sun News Network hasn't earned the nickname Fox News North by being friendly to Liberals and New Democrats, but two of the
Tony Clement has joined Sun News host Ezra Levant in criticizing former Globe and Mail editor Stephen Wicary for moving to
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Will he or won't he? Critics agree Justin Trudeau's decisive positions on looking dreamy and punching people obviously make him an ideal leader to spice up the stagnant third-place party everyone's grown sick of writing about. In Meta-media news, Ezra Levant has been reprimanded for using what's been described as a slur (but not by him) on TV.
Sun News has been ordered to tell its audience it violated Canadian broadcasters’ standards when host Ezra Levant told a
A Conservative private members’ bill that repeals part of Canada’s hate speech laws has passed the House of Commons with
For those of you looking for a simple way to represent these ties, here is a graphic that tries to capture some of the main ones uncovered so far. Please pass it around so that some daylight shines into this dirty business.