Facebook privacy

Facebook's fortunes shifted in under two hours.
Facebook told The New York Times it planned to wind down the Huawei deal this week.
The company says the media furor around the Facebook debacle stripped it of its customers and suppliers.
"Think before you share this garbage on social media."
You might be surprised at what the company's policy allows — and what's left unsaid.
A U.S. civil rights lawyer says this is "massively illegal."
"This is the closest we’ve come to a complete, ranked list of every interest on Facebook."
It's not the first time Facebook has experimented on its users.
At a time when most devices connect to the Internet, making it harder for intruders to gain access is essential. The number one way hackers access an online account is through stolen or misused credentials, according to the annual Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon.
Even if you get along great, are you ready for her to have a front row seat on your daily life? What will you do if you click "Confirm," and on a Sunday morning, while you are sipping your latté and looking at your news feed, she sends you a private message with an urgent issue? And what will happen if you "Delete request"?