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Fair Elections Act changes

And the governing Conservatives appear best positioned to reap the benefits of the unforeseen spending-room bonanza, which
The federal Conservatives are finally backing off on some of the measures in their proposed so-called "Fair Elections Act" (Bill C-23). Minister for Democratic Reform Poilievre is trying to claim he has listened with an open mind, but this is yet another misleading spin statement from him about the bill. The truth is much more that playing games with democratic voting issues was hurting the Conservatives with their soft supporters, and with swing voters, and they realized they would only recover by compromising.
The government's proposed fair elections act will make it harder for some people to vote, by eliminating vouching and the
Most of the debate about the changes the government wants to make to how Canadians vote and run elections has centred around
OTTAWA - The Harper government is getting some serious push-back from Conservative senators on its controversial overhaul
Last week, the Harper Conservatives introduced a Bill in Parliament to amend the Canada Elections Act. At first glance the title "Fair Elections Act" implies there is an effort to fix and correct some problems in order to protect the integrity of our electoral system. This Bill, however, is not fair; it is an attempt to provide an advantage to the Conservatives in the upcoming election and it is as an attack on the independence of Elections Canada.
OTTAWA - The Harper government has introduced a sweeping overhaul of Canada's election laws that it says will crack down