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father's day 2014

He packs light but thoughtfully. Give him the gift of style and function with this sleek and highly functional American Tourister black hard case carry-on. It has all kinds of great features that will get dad excited -- especially the four swivel wheels which will make it easy to scoot through all the international airports he logs hours in.
To mark Prince William's first Father's Day with baby Prince George, Toblerone has come up with one sweet surprise. The Swiss
Sometimes, it's not about going through hundreds of gift guides or guessing what Dad could really use on June 15. Sometimes
The stoic dedication of the Emperor Penguin is well-known thanks to the documentary, "March of the Penguins". But how do
If mums get flowers on Mother's Day, why wouldn't dads get flowers on Father's Day? I mean, how many golf clubs can a man own? Does he really need another pheumonic nailer? How about something that will make him smile and lift his spirits instead?
Father’s Day cards are frustratingly insincere — full of jokes about golf and grilling, they often lack any real sentiment
We often use the excuse that dads are hard to buy for because they have it all. What we really should be saying is dad already has all the ties, dress socks and cologne a man can take, thanks to our gifts of Father's Day past. To help show dad he's truly number one, here are six tech spins on classic Father's Day gifts.
Sunday, June 15 is Father's Day -- the one day of the year when the mainstream media and much of the public pretend to actually value fatherhood and the role of a father in the modern family. For the remaining 364 days, the role of fathers in the family is discounted, downplayed, taken for granted or seen as optional. Fathers are attacked by a court system that unfairly and disproportionately refuses them custody of their children. Attacked by the media that all too often, and wildly out of proportion to reality, portrays them as bumbling, villainous or incompetent.
Well, well, well, you saved Father's Day gift shopping for the very last minute. If you've been swamped with work and had
Being a parent doesn't come with a set of instructions, no matter how much fathers wish it did. The video above by American