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federal budget cuts

Reaction to the Harper government's 2013 federal budget came fast on the (new) heels of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's appearance
OTTAWA — The federal government wants to slash prices on imported baby clothes, golf clubs and hockey equipment, but it plans
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivered the federal budget in the House of Commons. Here are the prepared remarks. Mr. Speaker
The federal budget for 2013 has landed. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty stood up in the House of Commons Thursday afternoon
Small spending allotments are trampled by spending cuts to health and essential service agencies. A mention of money being set aside for Aboriginal education is accompanied by a cut of two per cent to Aboriginal Affairs, and 5.7 per cent cut to Health Canada. This seems like a "take from Peter to give to Paul" kind of game, with no one being the clear winner.
OTTAWA — Canadians will be left in the dark about the effects of the upcoming federal budget cuts unless the Conservatives
Now that federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has delivered Canada's 2012 federal budget, opposition parties and key stakeholders
While Canada's budget for 2012 includes plenty of losers, there are also those who will benefit from the federal government's
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivered a budget today that cut less than the government warned, but didn't spare Old Age
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivered the federal government's spending plans for 2012 in a budget that will lead to public