federal deficit

The fall economic statement does include several revenue-raising tax measures.
The federal deficit is a historic $343.2 billion.
COVID-19 has “for all intents and purposes shut down immigration.”
While it would always be preferable to balance the budget, there is little reason to worry about running a deficit equaling roughly one per cent of GDP.
A report says the federal budget is on track to be $20.5 billion in the red this fiscal year,
But the former parliamentary budget officer said it was "exciting."
The federal government ran a deficit of $2.7 billion in August compared with a deficit of $2.3 billion in the same month last year.
Spending more on infrastructure would boost Canada's economy, Poloz argues.
Spring budget had projected the deficit to be $5.4-billion.
The Liberals are projected to rack up $150 billion in deficits over five years.