federal election 2015

The head of Canada Elections says it's time Parliament looked at the issue.
A look back at some of the 200 pledges made on the campaign trail.
The Up For Debate campaign sparked incredible excitement and energy among women's groups and their allies around the country. It goes to show we still have so much more to do for women to be equal in this country, and around the planet. There is an enormous strength in women's organizations and feminist movements coming together to do this.
The third party outspent the big blue machine.
"Shocking to everybody. True. But not material."
Voter participation among those aged 18 to 24 jumped 18.3 percentage points in 2015 vote.
"I'm humbled to receive a strong mandate."
And millennials could be the biggest voting group in 2019.
We can, moving forward, outline a clear vision of who we are, what we stand for, and what we can truly offer to Canadians... I want to know how we -- New Democrats -- will do better and I want these plans grounded in evidence-based policy reflective of our values. And I want for our members to chart the course of our party, not for what might be popular at the time or what might gain support in the short-term to guide our decisions.
But not spending enough to at least stay competitive was an almost certain path to defeat.