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federal election debate

Thomas Mulcair, head of the NDP, has not been able to use any of the leaders' debates to stop his party's loss of momentum, making him the loser of this first meeting in French. Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe performed well, whereas Justin Trudeau stumbled on several occasions and had his worst debate performance since the beginning of the election campaign. The wearing of the niqab and the constitutional question sharply divided the federal party leaders and created some lively exchanges.
"It's you who should apologize, Mr. Harper," Mulcair responded.
We do things a little differently up here.
On the subject of democracy, Harper delivered an awkward answer.
"Nobody believes you." OUCH.
The Liberals supported the legislation in Parliament but have pledged to scrap controversial portions of it, if elected government come October.
There's no "i" in win — oh wait, there is. And there are also three in "prime minister."
"Elizabeth May is killing it. Please include her in any and all debates. We need her voice at the table."
The Green Party leader also accused the Conservatives of “fiddling” with the country’s finances to “fake balance” the budget.