Federal Liberals

Trudeau talked about feminism. He took some selfies. He appeared on the cover of several magazines. Then he and Obama made some jokes. Then he did a one-armed push up. Those are just a small sampling of his antics since taking office. And now, I think I've had just about enough. Trudeau is clearly milking his greatest strength. His likability is off the charts, but with so many important issues happening in Canada right now do we really need to constantly be reminded that our prime minister is approachable and hip?
The ratio of working-age Canadians to seniors was narrowing, and the inevitable outcome would be a shrunken tax base and acute labour shortages. Over the next decade, a million jobs risk going unfilled. And yet, only around one in 10 Canadians agrees that Canada currently admits too few immigrants. The annual (and sometimes multi-year) public consultations held by the Federal Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration on levels of newcomers do not seem to have yielded much success in changing this attitude.
Wynne says the first real test of Trudeau's willingness to work with the provinces will be as Canada develops a climate-change strategy.
LONDON, Ont. - Federal Liberals posted their best fundraising haul in a decade last year, filling their party's war chest
Two Quebec filmmakers say moviegoers will have an opportunity to see Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau "unfiltered and unrestrained
The majority of hardworking Canadians don't give to two figs about the personal trials and tribulations of three Senate politicos pigging out at the public trough. Most Canadians, earn nowhere near the annual $130,000 salary of the senators. We should strongly urge Prime Minister Harper to slash each senator's annual salary to $65,000. To avoid any funny business, no senator will be entitled to any additional living, travel or personal expense benefits. In addition, no senator will be entitled to the benefits of any two tier gold-plated health care coverage. Each senator will have the benefit of the same health care coverage as average Canadians.
As the House of Commons closes its doors for the summer, how have the main party leaders performed? In the first of three
OTTAWA - The federal Liberal leadership race was supposed to help the third-place party connect with a new, younger generation
Bob Rae never ceases to surprise. In a recent speech in Saskatoon, reported in the Huffington Post, Bob Rae, unequivocally
OTTAWA - Long-shot contender David Bertschi has been deserted by his campaign team as the Liberal leadership race heads down