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fifa world cup

You'd think she was the first person to make a mistake.
The right for women to play and attend sports is still, very literally, not an equal playing field. We have only to look as far as the complaint that female FIFA athletes filed to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to know this is true. But, sadly, we cannot stop there. In other words, we must not mistake a win at the World Cup as a win for women's rights. In fact, just last Wednesday as my Canadian daughter sat in the stadium cheering France to victory, men in Tehran were protesting women being allowed--in very limited numbers--inside Iranian stadiums. We have a long way to go.
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"Unlike the Olympics," Nigel Reed, a commentator for CBC Sports, notes, "the World Cup is the only truly, single-sport global event." And that means the pressure's on. Don't feel it? Note that when England lost on penalty kicks against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup, the number of heart attacks in Britain jumped 25 per cent. It's a game, yes, but it's so much more.
All bow down to Lionel Messi. Argentina's forward and captain scored in stoppage time to give the team a 1-0 win over Iran
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The World Cup is upon us. For people who follow soccer, it's the culmination of four years of restless waiting. For anyone