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In just one month in 2016, eight barn fires in Ontario killed nearly 53,000 animals.
January was a devastating month for Canada's farm animals. There have been eight massive barn fires since January 1, killing almost 53,000 animals. Sadly, some of the simplest protection strategies recommended by farm and fire experts across the country are still not standard practice on Canadian farms.
CO is a leading cause of accidental poisonings in Ontario every year, which result in thousands of people requiring medical treatment. And, in Ontario, 80 per cent of all CO deaths and injuries occur in homes. Most (83 per cent) Ontarians have at least one CO detector, but there is still room for improvement
Every summer heavily forested areas leave animals and humans alike susceptible to wildfires. By July of this year, British Columbia saw over 189 active fires burning -- a number that Professional Organizers in Canada says is too high to not be prepared.
You'll never forget to check the batteries in your smoke alarm after watching these firefighters pole dance. B.C.'s Langley
Could an interactive computer game teach younger children about how to stay safe in a fire? An interactive computer game titled "The Great Escape" was developed by Winnipeg firefighter Shane Ferguson as part of the Staying Alive program. Ferguson had created the program and game as a tribute to five-year old Laura Johnson. He had been one of first responders of the scene to discover her body after she died of smoke inhalation in a 1998 house fire.
Two women and two young girls have died after five people were pulled from a house fire in Winnipeg's West Kildonan area