Canada's answering California Governor Gavin Newsom's call for help.
Authorities say there will be an investigation after Americans died.
Over 100 fires are burning in southeast Australia, driven by high temperatures, low humidity and a severe drought.
Nothing has suggested that the deaths are criminal, police said.
Other than a few cuts, bruises, and splinters, there are no injuries so far.
This is the first time a law protecting first responders has been used.
The truth is, fire has no conscience. It burns up everything in its path with no remorse. But the one thing it cannot destroy is the unshakable heart and soul of the men and women who call this beautiful city home. It tried to end us, but it has only made us stronger.
"Being there, knowing that things are burning, our guys don't like to take rest breaks so they've pretty much been on the trucks the whole time."
The dog's revival was "quite surprising," said the fire battalion chief.
TORONTO - A rare prosecution involving a small Ontario town's volunteer fire department has ignited concern among firefighters