First Nations Education Act

That raises a big question mark over what happens to the $1.9 billion tied to the original bill, which has been in limbo
Shawn Atleo, the former national chief for the Assembly of First Nations, signed off on amendments to the federal government's
HALIFAX - The Assembly of First Nations concluded its annual meeting Thursday with no sign it is budging from its position
OTTAWA - Chiefs attending an annual gathering of the Assembly of First Nations are mulling several counter-proposals to a
OTTAWA - The war of words between some First Nations leaders and the Conservative government is heating up. A member of the
OTTAWA - Chiefs from across Canada have rejected controversial changes to First Nations education, and are calling on the
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg It is exceedingly difficult to find much fault with the First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act, particularly if one views it for what it is -- a negotiated deal. But it's becoming increasingly clear that a growing faction of what Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard so accurately dubbed Canada's "aboriginal industry" value practical improvements to the lives of native youth a great deal less than dogmatic adherence to some fantastical, idealized, and utterly impossible conception of how aboriginal-Canadian diplomacy is supposed to work.
OTTAWA - The executive committee of the Assembly of First Nations will lead the organization until a new leader is chosen
OTTAWA - Regional chiefs from across the country are meeting in Ottawa this week to determine how they'll choose a new leader
OTTAWA - The federal government has tabled its First Nations education bill despite complaints from some aboriginal organizations