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OTTAWA — The federal government spent just over $400,000 on the state funeral of former finance minister Jim Flaherty, while
For the second year, my civic education organization, CIVIX Canada, consulted high school students in relation to the federal budget, and again, they point to Canada's debt as their most important fiscal issue.
The employer groups that vehemently oppose CPP hikes mostly don't offer any pension support for their employees. And their arguments are increasingly hysterical. They are still calling any CPP increase a "job killer" and managed to convince the junior minister of Finance to parrot their talking points.
The Harper government has pushed back its target date for eliminating the deficit by one year, leaving open the possibility
OTTAWA - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says Canada has an advantage over the U.S. in dealing with the economy — it has a
OTTAWA - Pressure is building on Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to intervene for a fourth time on mortgages to keep Canada's
OTTAWA - There was an initial attempt to contain the tears. When that failed, there was a brief foray at concealing them
THE CANADIAN PRESS -- NEW YORK, N.Y. - It's not often a Canadian politician goes to the U.S. to offer advice publicly, but