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Flight Delays

Under a new "passenger bill of rights," airlines will be able to leave passengers stuck on the tarmac for longer than the current standard.
The new rules will ensure travellers are treated with "respect."
The only thing you're entitled to get from the airline if there is a weather delay is a seat on a future flight.
Know your air travel rights!
Hotel search analyzed every hotel within two kilometers of Canada's five most notoriously weather-delayed airports, to help grounded travellers stay in the ideal airport hotel during the nightmare of holiday delays.
A weekend ice storm responsible for dozens of flight delays and cancellations is still causing headaches for travellers as
It took four months to go from the tragedy of Newtown to the disgraceful lack of leadership that saw the United States Congress
The boy -- while certainly inconvenienced and perhaps disconcerted about being on his own in an airport at night -- was safe. It's not by definition a traumatic or "bad" thing for kids to be exposed to uncomfortable situations every now and again, or to be subject to something outside of their comfort zone.