Flu Symptoms

This should make you run to get the flu shot, ASAP.
You can be contagious and start spreading the flu virus up to a day before symptoms appear.
Researchers have known the immune system plays a role in fighting the virus and other parts of the body do change. But a detailed account of what happens at the site of battle has been for the most part a mystery. Now an international team of researchers have given us a glimpse into the war happening inside.
Guy who doesn't wash his hands? We see you.
And the common cold!
Doctors are touting the 2015 model.
The research, based on data from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, found the vaccine offers most people virtually
As Canadians across the country battle the flu, more and more people find themselves searching for something — anything — that
Turns out the cold is called that for a reason: it thrives in cooler temperatures. According to a new study, the common cold