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Food Allergy

It's also not the greatest news for Asians.
A stock epinephrine and mandatory food allergy education program for the hospitality industry in the City of Toronto is the right thing to do. It has huge benefits for the safety of the general public and increases public awareness of food allergies.
Toronto caterers Daniel and Marie Holloway of Urban Acorn Catering are serving up meals tailored to their every guest's need with particular attention paid to food allergies, veganism, and other dietary restrictions (they refer to their business as flexitarian). So much so that they've become the go-to caterers in Toronto for this type of thing. And business shows no signs of slowing down.
The gut is like a highway junction to every part of the body. The mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) gives direct access to the blood stream which carries nutrients, oxygen, toxins, waste products, and inflammatory markers to the whole body. So when there is trouble in the gut, you can have health issues throughout your body.
There seem to be a lot of opinions out there on whether or not your home should be completely free from allergens if you have an allergic child, roommate or significant other. I think the correct answer is that it's totally up to the comfort level of the person with allergies.
According to a recent study, approximately half (51 per cent) of youth with food allergies who were surveyed don't think that people really understand the risks and challenges they face. We need to ensure all our children feel safe in every environment. Greater education, compassion and empathy for those living with food allergies are key to accomplishing this.
Bye bye itchy, watery eyes!
The Teal Pumpkin Project is making trick-or-treating a whole lot safer.
Planning ahead and having the confidence to be vocal about your dietary requirements is the the key to eating out safely when you have food allergies.
The following ingredients all mean soy: hydrolized soy protein, edamame, soy protein isolate and soybean oil. It's also important to note that the following ingredients often contain soy as well: vegetable oil, hydrolized vegetable protein, vegetable broth and artificial flavour. Here are the top 10 foods the average person probably doesn't realize contain soy.