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food banks

At least your lips won't be dry even while you try not to speak moistly.
Canadians like Drake, Ryan Reynolds and Shania Twain banded together to raise money for Food Banks Canada.
Through this completely voluntary service, Sikhs serve millions of meals a day all over the world.
Food banks do more than provide food to the hungry. They can help to increase the variety of foods people eat and contribute to better health.
More than four in 10 Canadians don't believe the country has a food crisis.
Charitable food assistance is incapable of improving households' food security because it does nothing to address the root cause of the problem.
The local food movement, which has been going strong for many years, has a number of positive effects for our local farmers and communities.
Change can only come if we, as a province, work together to advocate for long-term change and the solutions that will eliminate both hunger and poverty.
Canada's poorest communities are least able to address the effects of poverty with a charitable response. As the rate of poverty in a given community increases, the number of donors available to support charitable efforts - and the ability of charities to address the effects of poverty - decreases.