food borne illness

A spokesman for Health Canada said the department will update its safe food handling advertising campaign.
The company noted it may be at a higher risk for foodborne illnesses because of its use of "fresh produce and meats rather than frozen," and its traditional cooking methods," rather than "automation."
I inadvertently ate a worm that was living in my cereal, I think. It was squirming, really. Which grossed me out beyond words but it got me to thinking...what are the dangers lurking in our cupboards? Are mealworms like the ones that ruined my snack dangerous parasites?
According to Public Health Agency of Canada, four-million Canadians will come down with food poisoning this year. Fortunately, most recover but some do not. While some cases result from improper food handling at restaurants or at home, many are caused by products purchased at the grocery store.
TORONTO - As the delicious scent of baking cookies wafts through the kitchen, it may be tempting to lick any remaining dough
OTTAWA - A new food safety report released by the Conference Board of Canada says half or more of all cases of food-borne
Steve Brown remembers what he calls the fateful day more than three years ago when he had "the fateful sandwich." Initially