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Can you imagine if you had superpowers? I can. That's because I eat superfoods that deliver megawatt nutrition in bite-sized
I was stunned and saddened to learn that food blogger Jennifer Perillo's husband passed away, leaving Jennie a devastated widow and single parent to their two daughters. Within hours I could see a flood of tweets asking the same questions over and over again: "How can we help? What can we do for Jennie?"
I'm not a bad cook or anything, I'm just not a cook. I don't make pies, cupcakes, pickles, jams, banana bread or even cookies from a mix. If you make me a pie, I will not make you one in return and we will never, ever exchange recipes for anything.
Ontario’s wine makers are fighting to protect their grapes against Mother Nature’s wrath. The destructive forces of climate
Michael Robis isn’t used to seeing six men share a single bottle of beer at his pub, but then again most bottles of beer
All week, we've been asking you about beer for our #beereh project with OpenFile. We asked whether you prefer American over
It's been a good week for beer. The Huffington Post Canada along with OpenFile in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto
Music and beer have always complimented each other, be it making the tunes sound better or the lager taste, uh, tastier. Hence
All week, The Huffington Post Canada and OpenFile are looking more closely at how Canadians consume and enjoy beer as a part
Yesterday we asked Huffington Post Canada and OpenFile readers across the country to tell us whether they thought Canadian
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