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food inspection

Federal regulatory authorities in Canada and the U.S. cannot police this industry since marijuana edibles remain illegal. This lack of oversight presents a serious public safety concern. The question that we as consumers should be asking is: are these new products safe to eat?
Meet a diverse group of self-identified Muslims and read stories of why they choose to become vegetarians or vegans. I hope you will be inspired by what you read and consider adding vegetarian and vegan options to your diet.
My first glimpse into the slaughterhouse industry came when I read Fast Food Nation and discovered how animals where treated in factory farms. I was horrified to say the least. Interestingly enough, the idea of Muslims being vegetarian or vegans has prompted some debate.
An internal Foreign Affairs memo expressed concern that U.S. "confidence in the Canadian food safety system" could be undermined
The meat recall now underway, the largest in Canadian history, has put not only E. coli bacteria under the microscope but
The opposition in the House of Commons is demanding the federal agriculture minister's resignation. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair
A proposed change to Canada's meat inspection rules could permit meat from already-dead animals to be processed for human
The federal government is misleading Canadians about the changes it’s making to Canada’s food safety measures and bowing
Changes to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will not harm the health and safety of Canadians in any way, says Canada's
Steve Brown remembers what he calls the fateful day more than three years ago when he had "the fateful sandwich." Initially