The company says it will start notifying drivers affected by the recall the week of March 8.
Retooling the facility will help save thousands of jobs, a union leader says.
Police say 180 kilograms of meth were found during the investigation.
Six provinces saw an increase in car thefts, the IBC found.
We can anticipate a reduction in cars per capita of 20 to 30 per cent in the next decade.
By market value, Ford is now smaller than Tesla, would you believe.
Every day, more and more companies are relying on the IoT to bump up efficiency, productivity, and quality on the factory floor. From real-time quality assurance on the assembly line to speeding up inventory procedures, here are just a few ways companies are making the IoT work to their advantage.
Four pivotal moments that have changed the way we make things. From the AOL Partner Studio
Unifor has done more in the last three months to secure the industry's footprint in Canada and offer a brighter future for autoworkers, their families and their communities, than governments have in the last 10 years. Our union secured this without an auto pact in place.
Start packing that truck!