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The PA's diplomatic stunt is a zero-sum game that will only obstruct the peace process and assault Israel's legitimacy. In no way does the Palestinian attempt to join the International Criminal Court advance the prospects for peace with Israel, instead, Palestinian intransigence only impedes its own path to procuring statehood.
For the second time in six months, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has taken to the twitter airwaves to host an impromptu
Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird's visit with Israel's justice minister in a controversial area in the Middle East is
Many commentators were surprised and puzzled when the Canadian government closed its embassy in Iran last week. But the actions are sudden only to us observers on the outside. These kinds of political machinations happen often, especially in a government that knows it holds a tenuous grip on targeted voters in Canada. What better way to crank up the domestic sentiment than to thumb your nose at an entire country that a large portion of your constituency is hostile towards, while other western leaders are left scratching their collective heads?
Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister recently convened ambassadors in Ottawa and pressed for an aggressive stance against Iran. The West's threat of military intervention in Iran is akin to spanking your child while yelling, "Don't hit others!" Canada needs to influence its allies with a "do what we do" approach.
Communications lines drafted by the bureaucracy about the government's plan to establish an Office of Religious Freedom reveal
OTTAWA — In the print and online news world, when you make a mistake, you issue a correction. But that doesn't appear to
Canada is expanding its sanctions against Syria's Bashar al- Assad regime, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced
CBC - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says Canada does support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict