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foreign affairs

Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been detained in China for over two years.
They held up signs and interrupted the foreign affairs minister in Toronto.
Governments should not be conducting sensitive diplomatic negotiations or applying pressures via these platforms.
She says Canada can't rely on American protection.
"Canada is working with its allies to end the war in Syria and hold those responsible to account.''
Chrystia Freeland was placed on a Russian sanctions list in 2014.
The challenge for Canadian foreign policy is to mitigate the risks of the rebels faltering in Aleppo, with the more long-term strategic challenge of Russia and Iran's vicious play for power. Should Aleppo fall, an even more dystopian region will emerge.
More than half of the world's child deaths occur in fragile places like South Sudan and Afghanistan. Yet Canada only commits 25 per cent of its official development budget to these areas. To go the distance to reach the world's most vulnerable people, the figure needs to change.
Homa Hoodfar's family says she's been moved to a hospital.
The term reportedly angers the so-called Islamic State.