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foster care system

The ombudsman's office will take over duties, but that's not enough to help kids in tough situations, critics say.
Growing up in government care in Manitoba was difficult. The deep politicization of child welfare didn't help matters. Polarized public opinion and a controversy-avoidant government shaped the legislation and policies that affected my day-to-day life.
The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs called for the dismantling of the current child welfare system and the development of a completely new system. While this idea may seem radical, child welfare as it exists now in Manitoba is failing our children and our families, particularly our Indigenous children and families. What if we separated prevention and care services so that they are not delivered by the same agencies? This would encourage families in need to seek support services without worrying that admitting their challenges will result in their children being taken away from them.
Director Stephanie Wang-Breal's documentary "Tough Love" looks at the foster care system in the U.S. from the perspective
With foster homes in decline, P.E.I. hopes extra money will help attract more foster parents.
SASKATOON - A researcher has told a conference on aboriginal health that it's unethical for a child in foster care to be
I did not give birth to Allie. I'm her foster mother, but I have no rights to make key decisions for this child in my care. Allie's "real" mother has never been with her daughter for more than two hours at a time. "Mom" has never taken Allie to the park, given her a bath, or put her to bed.
Jessica Reid went from foster care to drug addiction to having her son cared for by others before finding a happy ending