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Foster Care

They play a crucial role, but the lack of support can cause hardships.
I read the news and wonder if we are truly a country that values children's rights.
“It's cruel to throw kids, not just off the edge of a cliff, but into a maelstrom.”
Child protection, like other systems of care responding to the COVID-19 crisis, has reduced services.
Rob Scheer and his husband fostered and adopted four kids. Here's how their "forever family" is educating others.
We shouldn't mistake the romanticized model in the film for reality.
A staggering 48 per cent of Canadian children in foster care are Indigenous.
Growing up in government care in Manitoba was difficult. The deep politicization of child welfare didn't help matters. Polarized public opinion and a controversy-avoidant government shaped the legislation and policies that affected my day-to-day life.
Ontario has over 18,000 children living in care, the highest number of any province in Canada. These kids have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment and are trying to overcome past trauma in order to heal, thrive and go on to lead happy and healthy lives.
His children are now 21 years old.