Fox News

Sorry Michigan, you aren’t actually part of Canada.
"I could not be more offended by the way Tucker Carlson butchers the name of our awesome capital city," one Canadian said about the Fox News host.
The Fox News host insinuated that Joe Biden has some control over Toronto city policy.
President Trump tweeted in the early hours of Sunday morning that "something very big" had just happened.
The U.S. president again lashes out at his one-time favourite network.
He also thanked the premier of the “great state” of Ontario.
The prime minister said anti-abortion views are out of line with Canadian society.
The network calls Scottie Nell Hughes' lawsuit a "publicity stunt" and "downright shameful."
"Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications..."
A lawsuit says the network brought Donald Trump into the editorial process on a debunked conspiracy story.