freedom of speech

Her last few years in the Senate had been mired in controversy.
Meghan Murphy was set to speak on a panel hosted by Simon Fraser University this weekend.
Universities that don't express a "commitment" to free speech would not be eligible for grants.
They're consulting with security experts.
Just because conservatives are demanding free speech doesn't mean the concept should be jettisoned entirely.
It's late afternoon on a Thursday and the sun is shining effortlessly behind a smattering of ominous grey clouds, forcing
As someone who has always been on the forefront of struggling against violent Islamic extremism in Canada and elsewhere, I
Among the groups that I saw at the Toronto march was a contingent of elementary school teachers. As most people know, the great majority of elementary school teachers everywhere are women. As women, they have experienced more than their fair share of discrimination, pay inequity, and even violence in the workplace. But should teachers have the right to protest and then to bring their views and opinions into their classrooms? It might depend on the views and how they are expressed.
Continuing the thoughts of my last post, Circling the Wagons,... We all value freedom of speech - but wherein lies the true