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The government had previously told Emilie Dubois, a native French speaker, that her French wasn't good enough.
The province considered legislation to force retailers to stop using it.
On January 17, the Conservative Party of Canada held its only French-language debate of the leadership race. For anyone who believes that the French language should be an intrinsic part of the political life of Canada, it was an exercise in frustration. Of the 13 candidates who had the guts to participate in this sorry show, less than half were able to show the basic ability to debate in Canada's other official language.
The language and independence issues are where there is the biggest media divide. Satire also differs in each language. The French [political] humour is more cynical. It's more ironic on the English side, more British I would say.
"We don't want to erase trademarks — it's not that Canadian Tire will become Pneu Canadien, let's be clear on that, but it's a question of politeness."
MONTREAL - A Quebec judge has rejected a legal challenge by about two dozen businesses that were prosecuted for not respecting
Without depleting state funds for a Ministry of the official language, Aruba has preserved the specificity of its culture against the current. Could it be that survival and flourishing of a culture isn't tied to the spelling of the word "pasta" on a restaurant menu?
In free societies, people must be free to speak any language they wish. Quebec will not make French stronger by trying to weaken English. All people should be proud of their language and speak it well, and all people should recognize that it is an advantage and an enviable condition to speak more than one language. As Paul-Émile Cardinal Léger put it, "It will not be by laws, regulations, fines, and harassments, that a language is promoted. It is by speaking your language in a way that to hear it, others will wish to speak it also."
MONTREAL - In a bid to protect the French language, Quebec's language inspectors have launched a campaign targeting the commercial
An NDP MP is calling for Quebec’s French language protection to extend to the province’s workers who fall under federal jurisdiction