Canada is committing $75 million more to the international vaccine-sharing program as wealthy countries step up.
"And when I host, I’m going to invite him," the U.S. president told world leaders at the summit in Charlevoix.
The prime minister praised in-person meetings less than 24 hours after Liberals voted to defer normal house proceedings.
An international summit that dates back to 1975 is held every year to bring some of the world’s most advanced economies together with the goal of tackling major issues.
The U.S. president also congratulated Canada for the Toronto Raptors' NBA win.
The country's climate plan isn't enough, and the entire G7 needs to do more.
Big tech companies have brought on revenue challenges for news outlets.
Trudeau's Liberals have pledged to end grants, tax credits, and deductions for fossil fuels.
Trump says Trudeau "probably didn't know that Air Force One has about 20 televisions."
Donald Trump looks like he was isolating himself at the G7 summit in Quebec.