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Gail Shea

Two years ago, Ecojustice and our clients celebrated a landmark win for protection of B.C.'s iconic killer whales under the Species at Risk Act. And while there have been some recent signs that these populations may be on the long road to recovery, proposed projects like the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and now the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 expansion pose new threats to their survival.
China protects a greater percentage of its marine areas from development than Canada, according to a new report being released
After Morrissey's initial rant over the weekend regarding the Canadian seal hunt, Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail
After taking aim at Canadian Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea for her stance on the seal hunt over the weekend, Morrissey
Although his last concert here was October 12, 2004, that hasn't stopped Morrissey from taking aim at Canada's annual seal
It's costing the federal government more than $22,000 to dispose of books and research material from Fisheries and Oceans
With news of several governmental libraries being closed, and their contents being destroyed without first being digitized for archiving, many Canadians, especially in the scientific community, are wondering what these ominous acts could say about the Harper administration. The word 'Orwellian' comes to mind.
Fisheries Minister Gail Shea is denying reports that scientific research was burned or discarded in the name of cost-cutting
Canada's tax compliance rate is currently about average for OECD countries, but it could erode if the government does not do more to make taxes fairer and go after tax cheats more aggressively. Given the size of the tax-haven problem, it is a false economy to be cutting back on CRA capacity.
Only 44 Canadians have been convicted of offences related to offshore tax havens since the Harper government came to power