gas prices

Gas prices will be "roaring lower" in the coming weeks, but budget deficits will be doing the opposite.
Cheaper tuition fees and telephone services held the indicator down.
The Ontario government is requiring every gas station in the province to display them.
Except in B.C., where new records are already being set.
The Ontario government will pass legislation requiring stickers at every pump.
Among the four "backstop" provinces, households overall will actually receive more back than they will pay in.
A sinking loonie and rising carbon taxes are among the things that could end low gas prices this year.
This is happening even as Canadian crude sells at prices not seen in the oil markets since the 1990s.
As an oil exporting country, we stand to gain. But as a country that does a lot of driving, we risk pain.
Michael Ervin said he doesn't expect prices to rise much more than they already have this summer.