Secretary Clinton landed many zingers during the first debate, but perhaps the most memorable exchange came when she raised the omnipresent issue of Trump's refusal to hand over his taxes. There's a clear, insidious answer. Trump has repeatedly cast himself as an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that Gazprom's behaviour in central and eastern European member states
The decision, coming amid deep tensions over eastern Ukraine, provoked strong words from both sides but does not immediately
Price negotiations on the 30-year deal continued into the final hours of a two-day visit by Putin to China, during which
MOSCOW - Russia's state-controlled natural gas giant Gazprom says it will cancel a price discount for natural gas supplies
The activists from Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Sweden were among 30 people who
Two Canadian activists are among a group of 25 people who were being held at gunpoint aboard a Greenpeace ship, the environmental