gender gap

Canada faces the spectre of "the greatest increase in inequality on record" amid soaring investments and disappearing jobs, Oxfam says.
Economists are warning that December could be an ugly month for jobs in Canada.
Jobs in fields dominated by men, like STEM, are booming in the pandemic, while women are under more pressure to stay home.
The all-too-familiar message to women seeking high office: no matter what you accomplish, it will never be enough.
Businesses say they’re struggling to hire because of CERB. The program’s defenders say things would be much worse without it.
Gender stereotypes still represent barriers for girls in achieving leadership roles, a new survey of young Canadians finds.
One-quarter of firms in the TSX60 won't release data on gender, and 60 per cent are mum on visible minority hiring.
The finance sector seems to have made the most progress.
Women now control $2.2 trillion in wealth in Canada, and that is expected to grow by 70 per cent over the next decade.
Up to a third of the gender math gap could be due to online gaming, according to new Canadian research.