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gender norms

If dads have never experienced nurturing from their own fathers, showing emotion can be a challenge.
We treat boys — and girls — differently before they even express their personalities.
There are too many women who did not enter STEM fields because they believed, or were led to believe, STEM fields were not appropriate for them.
"When I realized I should just wear makeup and feel the best, I decided I should treat my yearbook photo as another Instagram post."
These beliefs can raise the risk of depression and suicide.
Take note of these celebrities who are creating a discourse around gender.
"My state of being is just unique."
"If I didn't have a penis I would only wear yoga pants."
True self-expression must have freedom without gendered boundaries. To allow men true freedom, freedom of their senses, we must loosen the knots of gender expression through clothing and fabric and allow men to be who they naturally are.