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George Lucas

We tend to mythologize the idea of people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, becoming successful by the sheer force of their will and talent. Many successful people, however, have had someone to show them the ropes. In the case of George Lucas, this was Francis Ford Coppola.
In technology, we often do work that supports everyone in the company, and all of the artists. It's incredibly satisfying to see this work on screen that we've helped facilitate, like Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.
A major challenge for the Mickey Mouse company and J.J. Abrams was to revitalize the force of the George Lucas franchise and to reinvigorate the passion of the next generation. In this respect, The Force Awakens is a success, and I never had a doubt that it would beat every box office record.
The visual effects company created by George Lucas for the original "Star Wars" has opened a permanent Vancouver studio, which