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George Takei

So bad is the reflexive hatred and finger-wagging towards the next president that it now feels like they want Trump to fail. Indeed, many liberals seem downright masochistic about Trump, signalling they would rather he follow through on internment camps and other zany policies just so they can bask in their own "I told you so" posturing.
"We must stand up defiantly to any dark or divisive acts, and look out for the most vulnerable among us."
" I think it’s really unfortunate."
"Go boldly where we have never gone before. We have the future and it's going to be a better one."
Nimoy seems a genuinely decent person who, while not Spock, did live up to a high standard of wisdom and integrity. This is refreshing in a world where it seems there are no heroes left, where facades removed reveal disturbing realities.
You know you've made a hilarious mistake when social media superstar George Takei mocks you on his Facebook page. The "Star
George Takei is many things: "Star Trek" alumnus, motivational speaker, Facebook maven and gay rights activist among others
Toronto's Fan Expo has returned for another year to celebrate glorious fandom in all its forms. In 2013, comics, horror, gaming
You probably associate "Star Trek" star George Takei with funny Facebook posts and clever, well-informed commentary. Only